Platinum Egoiste

$10.00 USD

Eau de Toilette

Chanel Platinum Egoiste Cologne Decant Sample

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Top Notes: lavender, rosemary, neroli, petitgrain

Middle Notes: geranium, clary sage, galbanum, jasmine

Base Notes: oakmoss, vetiver, cedar, sandalwood, amber

Most Smelled Notes: lavender, geranium, rosemary

Perfumer: Jacques Polge

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Nicolas Nunez
Do it all fragrance

Reminds me of PDM Perceval and a little like A&F fierce. Quality is on par with Perceval. I enjoy the way it smells quite a bit and projects and last of my skin, lasting 8 plus hours. Highly recommend.

Expensive Barbasol

I was sooo excited to try this! A mature scent suitable for the office and just about anywhere?! Sign me up! Unfortunately for me, the “old school barber” scent just doesn’t work. The memories evoked of visiting Harold’s Barbershop in early 1980s Toledo are great (I’m actually old school, old school LOL), but not something i want to smell like daily. It was an immediate “no” for wifey, who kinda has a say since she’s the one who’d be closest to me anyway. Modest sillage and projection and decent longevity with four sprays. It’s just business that we will have to agree to part ways. Oh well.

Amin Nasr
Strong bracing lavender bomb!

This has a strong almost rough lavender presence to it that shines out above everything else. Smells nice (speaking as a fan of lavender) but could stand to be more well-balanced between all the notes.