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Ylang in Gold
Jeffrey Jackson
Sweet seduction

Great smelling night time scent best dressed up, leans feminine.

Surprisingly captivating

The opening spray is very intense, to the point of coming across as disturbing at first. But once it's given a few minutes to settle down, it turns into this really captivating deep smokey ambery scent with a light sweetness to it. Love it!

Beach Hut Man
Preston David
I love it

Its great stuff, came on time. Smells great, very strong cologne, great for the summer. My only gripe is the cap is VERY tight, hard to take off. Wish Perfuum would get back to me on that

Falcon Leather
Juan Castillo
Best leather fragrance!!!

This is an Amazing leather fragrance. First day I wore it I got 2 random compliments. Quality is top tier and the scent is heavenly.

michael r. leta

If Marly has a DNA this fragrance has it all. So enjoyable and pleasant to wear it treats you like an old lovable friend.

Dior Homme Parfum
Calvin Johnson
Grown up and debonair

Great masculine smell. You will feel like a boss in the fragrance! CEO

Awsome fragrance

Weak in performance.


such a subtle frag - a creamy green that deepens slightly into a sweeter, drier scent on the skin. i only wish it lasted longer!

Solid, but not what I was looking for

I own Eau d'Orange Verte, and was hoping the Concentré was going to be a longer-lasting version of it. And, I mean, it *is* longer-lasting, but it's not nearly as interesting. The top isn't as bright or juicy, but it travels down into the heart for a lot longer. The dry down is way more linear as a result, and what is a really special earthiness in the base (if you can call it that) of the Eau is missing from the Concentré. That's not to say that the Concentré isn't a perfectly great fragrance -- it's a lovely citrus fragrance. Its problem is that it has to live up to the hype of its predecessor, and it smells like a lot of compromises were made in terms of sanding down its more prominent notes to get this fragrance to last as long as people want. If EOV is a summer fling, than COV is like reminiscing about that fling whenever you see them pop up on Instagram.

andrew derbah
Amouage Boundless

Amouage Boundless is beautiful. Smells like ginger ale.

Rose Oud
li su
real coffee

real coffee with tobacco

Dior Homme Sport 2021
Calvin Johnson
Fresh fresh

Great fresh lemon. Love it

1 Million Elixir
Calvin Johnson
A winner

One of the best releases of the year. Masculine one million.

Calvin Johnson

Strong masculine scent. Date night.

Virgin Island Water
Calvin Johnson
Summer cocktail

Strong fruity cocktail. Great sillage

Feve Delicieuse without playdoh smell

This is good. I hated the fact that Feve Delicieuse has that strong play doh smell. This is the same DNA without the playdoh. Love it.

Pure XS
Will Brown
Not worth the hype

Heard great things about this fragrance but for me they were not true. Used my whole sample trying to get something as far as a scent, but all I got was dry cardboard! This truly wasn't even worth the price of the sample, but it saved me from blind buying and regretting it.

Will Brown
Weak Performer

The drydown is AMAZING but it does not last even 15 minutes. I am so happy that I purchased a sample before buying a full bottle.

Will Brown
Holy Smokes

I do like this fragrance, but for me it pretty much remained linear. It never changed and remained smokey. I didn't smell any other notes in this fragrance, which could've been my body chemistry. I must say that it was truly a pleasant smokiness, but it did not last.Truthfully I would not pay the price for a bottle of this when Supremacy Silver would've given me similar to better results.

Spring & Summertime Banger!!

Such a beautiful scent that's perfect for the warmer weather in Spring & Summer! MFK is easily one of the best master perfumers on the planet IMHO, and when you smell this gem of a fragrance it's easy to see why! The Juniper Berries along with that Amber & Vanilla that's dries down to a beautiful woody musk scent just puts thia scent in a class of it's own, this fragrance is so so good and I will be buying a full bottle immediately. has excellent customer service that always follows back up with you in no time and that always goes a long way with me not to mention they have excellent pricing. One of the cheaper online decant sites you'll find with quick shipping. I highly suggest using them for many of your decant needs and I have ordered through them 4 times within a month and a half if that tells you anything. Just FYI, they also have one of the best selection of fragrances in their library/catalog if you will to so do yourself a favor and give them a try cuz believe me you won't regret it!

Smells great

This is a wonderful combination of citrus, Oud and leather. A very refined fragrance.

Pulse of the Night
Tavis Mitchell
Very intoxicating scent

Received many compliments when wearing this cologne. Would definitely recommend for anyone.

l'Homme a la Rose

Very good rose based scent that any man can easily pull off.

Amazing spring/summer daytime scent!

Very fresh, but not in a cliche shower gel type of way. It smells high quality, cooling/refreshing, and very appealing. Perfect for daytime use in spring/summer.

Cuir de Russie
Nadine Bandler

I first tried this scent over 50 years ago but hadn't seen it since. My daughter found it for me and using it again was a Proustian experience.
I think of it as slightly spicey, almost like incense, but very soft.
I like to pair it with Burberry for Women.