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Interlude Man
Tarek E.
Amazing combo of notes

Real unique notes.
Easily wearable at work.
Somehow the smell of keeps evolving over the first 4 hours

Beach Hut Man
Tarek E.
Love it

Lingers for some time. Stays on and keeps going as minty as it can be

It’s for someone.

Very out there. Warm and cozy. Very elegant and clean. A bright scent that lifts up the deepness of it by still keeping it deep and just opening it up. A kind and welcoming but reserved scent. I enjoy it.

No 89
Classic English Gentleman

Floris no 89 immediately hits you with it's powdery and rosy scent. While rose doesn't necessarily strike most as being a masculine scent, I definitely think this scent is for men. I very much enjoy smelling Floris 89, but I must admit I don't think it is going to be something I wear often. I would almost prefer it as something I just occasionally smell in my office or in my dresser, rather than being a scent I want others to smell me by.

It feels like a mature fragrance, that I might try again later in life. To me this is a great fragrance for a daytime English wedding.

Beau de Jour
Michael McGinnis
On Equal Footing With The Best Of Tom Fod

Oud Wood, Noir Extreme, Tobacco Vanille, Wild Orchid, we knows these. I am here to tell you Beau De Jour stands on equal ground. This is a Summer, niche barbershop fragrance that hits it out of the park. Plus, the price is can't miss.

Not to be dismissed

I like a lot of niche stuff. But, this is a designer male fragrance I sought out. Great quality here 4.6/5

Far From A Flanker

I like a lot of niche stuff. But, this is a designer male fragrance I sought out. Great quality here 4.6/5

Noir de Noir
Michael McGinnis
Rose With An Edge

Rose unisex fragrance blended well, as a guy you have to have confidence to rock it. 4.5/5 this is well done.

Mark B
Beautiful and complex with very good performance: an excellent Les Exclusif offering

This a beautiful and complex scent. Boy is often classified as a fougere, but this fragrance transcends that genre. The lavender is, of course, gorgeous, but the development of the fragrance - at once imaginative and magical - is brilliant. Marketed as unisex, I think this one leans more masculine; but those monikers also do no justice to this fragrance. An added benefit: Boy performs well, having both very good projection and sillage. Boy is a worthy representative of the House of Chanel. Kudos to Olivier Polge.

A worthy, underrated alternative to the EDT

I love the EDT version of Pour Monsieur but the EDP should not be dismissed. The well-chosen, well-blended, subtle lavender/nutmeg combination is brilliant, making this concentration special. This fragrance has to grow on you to be fully appreciated. The EDT is timeless, great, and more vintage smelling; but the EDP is a bit more modern and interesting on its own. I now can't imagine having to choose between the EDT and EDP. For those who prefer the EDT, don't dismiss the EDP. Both are worth owning. The EDP reveals its magic after one has lived with it for a while. Potential downside: neither is a "beast mode" fragrance, but beast mode is not typically the Chanel aesthetic.

Cedrat Boise
Luke Poston

Way too loud and strong. Very headache inducing.

Buy a Sample First

This was one of five samples in my latest shipment from I watch several fragrance YouTubers, and many of them rave about Cedrat Boise from Mancera. This just confirms how varied people's opinions are, and that one shouldn't "blind buy" a full-size bottle based on the opinion of a YouTuber. Two reviewers actually claimed that this scent was similar to Creed Aventus, so I decided to try a sample since I have a full-size bottle of Aventus purchased directly from the Creed website. This stuff smells NOTHING like Aventus. Any citrus or fruity notes are completely overwhelmed by the aromatic, spicy, and woody notes in this cologne. This might be to your liking, but it definitely isn't for me.

Very Strong and Aromatic

The vanilla, rum, aromatic, spicy, and woody notes definitely stand out in this fragrance. It isn't for me, but I can see how some would like it which is why I gave it 3 stars. It is absolutely a fall/winter fragrance, but I would recommend purchasing a 2-3 oz sample before investing in a full-size bottle.

Try a Sample First

As with all of my sample purchases, I got this after watching a couple fragrance YouTubers review it. I'm glad I only got a 2oz sample because this one definitely isn't for me. It is a very bold and strong scent with notes of oud (obviously), vanilla, and lavender. It is very aromatic, and is for sure a fall/winter scent.

Smells Different on Different People

People should understand that Molecule 01 by Escentric Molecules is basically a compound called Iso E Super which is used by perfumers to add subtle strength and fullness to fragrances. It gives some people headaches, and others cannot even smell it. If you can smell it, it has very dry, cedar-like, and woody scent. It is not strong and won't offend anyone. I used my sample three times; once by itself and twice to improve the performance and projection of two of my weaker fragrances - CH by Carolina Herrera and Artisan Pure by John Varvatos. The full-size bottle of Molecule 01 isn't cheap but would definitely be a good addition to any fragrance collection. Packaging and shipping by were also excellent as usual.

Definitely Get a Sample First

If you like very strong aromatic, woody, and spicy fragrances, then this is the one for you. I always purchase samples before investing in a full-size fragrance. I ordered several different ones after watching a few different fragrance YouTubers rave about this one as well as the original Mancera Cedrat Boise. This one isn't for me. Try before you buy. packaging and shipping was on point as usual though. The package arrived quickly, and all of my samples were secured in bubble wrap.

La Pausa
I Love This Perfume

La Pausa has a deep woodsy, spicy scent like early autumn, like earthy spring.

Malcolm Henderson
Perfect Blend of Tobacco and Vanilla!

This is an absolutely stunning fragrance. This opens with sweet cinnamon and tobacco and quickly dries down to a perfect balance of tobacco and vanilla with tobacco in the front. I like this better then TF Tobacco Vanille as that fragrance is also tobacco and vanilla, but it is overly sweet as the vanilla smothers the tobacco. Herod leans masculine, but with that said my wife loves wearing this fragrance. This is a 10 out of 10 tobacco fragrance and I will be buying a full bottle for this fall/winter season along with a back-up bottle---it is that good. Thank you perfuum for allowing us to try before we buy!

stronger with you oud

Lovely strong cooler weather scent. I enjoy wearing it and although I like Stronger with you absolutely a little better, this is a strong second in the series.

Triumph of Bacchus
Gerell Johnson

Love it a must try

Ron Hirang
Amouage Enclave

This fragrance is going to be great for the Fall and Winter. Strong niche fragrance (at least for me anyways) and I truly love the smell. YouTube video placeholder
Subtle and sweet like a spring day

At first I don't think it was anything special but wow did it grow on me. Kind of like a citrusy refreshing splash. Definitely a keeper if you're not into overpowering perfumes.

L'homme Ideal EDP
Casey Henderson
Best of Guerlain l'homme ideal

One of my favorite niche fragrances, I love the light smoke smell that drys down to the sweet cherry vanilla and almond.
Great for colder weather.
Highly recommend this one.

Not a love

After trying Orange Sanguine and loving it I wanted to try some more of the Atelier line. For me this was a little more aromatic than citrusy with the eucalyptus and mint. I also wasn’t getting the coconut note that was listed.

Fresh and Sensual

The Parfum version of Bleu de Chanel combines the freshness of the original EDT with an amped up sensuality coming from intensified base notes. I like the way it projects and lasts. I also appreciate that it can be worn for a variety of occasions and seasons. Many times when I’m not sure what fragrance to wear, I reach for this one. I was glad that provides the opportunity to try before you buy a full bottle, since it’s on the pricier side. In this case, I think I’ll pull the trigger on Bleu de Chanel Parfum.