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This is a classic and almost timeless scent. Masculine but not too overbearing. Great take on a fougere. But it does not seem to last very long on my skin. At first spray it is strong and then dies to a skin scent after 20-30 min. After about 4 hours it was hard to pick up on my skin.


Good fragrance. Just does not move me to buy a full bottle. Too powdery in the drydown for me. But still not bad. I could see why people would like it. 7.5/10

Jacuan Middleton
The King

Compliment galore for this scent. Pineapple in this solidifies it.

Elysium Parfum Cologne
Jacuan Middleton
Great scent

Very masculine and sultry

Scandal Le Parfum
Angel Perez Rivera
Jean Paul Gaultier - Scandal : Le Parfum over the top!!!

Great smell, much better lasting and performace that the EDT.πŸ‘ŒπŸΎπŸ‘ŒπŸΎπŸ‘ŒπŸΎπŸ™ŒπŸΎπŸ™ŒπŸΎπŸ™ŒπŸΎπŸ™ŒπŸΎ

Citrus Riviera
Ryan Dolan
Citrus city

Beautiful citrus, three hours of longevity.

Feve Delicieuse
Ryan Dolan
Great discontinued gourmond

Get I while you can, it’s discontinued. Oh yeah and it great too.

The One EDT
Richard Dickerscheid
Fabulous Value!

First time buyer and very impressed. The scent was good and packaging was great too!

Cant go wrong with Bvlgari

Bvlgari is one of those brands that you can pretty much buy any one of their fragrances (even a blind buy) and be completely satisfied with your purchase. I'm on my second bottle, its really hard to to put into words how I feel about this cologne and discribe the notes, because its such a unique fragrance, not many copy cats out there can match the preformance and sillage (scent bubble) Everything about this particular fragrance is top shelf, masculine and opulent. You'll feel like a Million Bucks when you spray this on, and the confidence that no one around you will smell like you. It should go without saying, this is an absolute must have, Period.

Love this. Unique, not too forward

Great longevity, an evolving scent that stayed pleasant to my nose from morning until night. But not so strong anybody would find it offensive. Wish the weather was a little cooler so I could wear this regularly this summer - might be a little too much in the heat. Will definitely be buying a 100mL.

interesting, but...

It smells quite mature to my nose - maybe a little too much for me at 28 y.o. Which is also odd, because it strongly reminds me of the Adidas Moves EDP I had in high school.

Great summer scent, but much prefer the dry down

Floral and citrus forward to the point it feels almost too feminine. Quite nice for hot weather, though. And that concern evaporates with the dry down, as it becomes a much more complex amber and leather scent with a lighter touch of the citrus.

Classic Cologne

This is one of the few classic colognes thats for whatever reason does not get much hype or recognition, but make no mistake about it, one of my all time favorite fragrences. I can't rave enough about how good it smells, very citrusy, classy, long lasting and fresh smelling, an absolute must have in every collection. I own two bottles (one is half empty) it's reasonably priced, and worth every penny

Timeless Classic

This is without question a pure CLASSIC in every sense of the word. I tried this (no joke) back in 2003-2004 while me and a friend were getting ready to go out for the night, he suggested I try out this cologne his girlfriend bought him. Love at first sniff, I kept it in my Amazon favorites list vowing that one day I will buy it and add to my collection. I recently aquired it and feel the same way I did when I got a wiff of this 20 years ago. 100% worth every dollar, this should seriously be in ever mans rotation, and if you only own 2-3 colognes, Aqua Di Gio needs to be one of them. Crisp, Aquatic, Citrusy, absolutely perfect!

I really wanted to like this

This was hard to write, because many people tend hype the hell out of this particular fragrance. My first impression from this fragrance is (if your familiar with YSL's other fragrances) this smells like they took samples of all their other fragrances, mixed them together and this is what they came up with. I tried this on a couple of times, on skin, let it dry down.... and at the end, completely un-impressed

YSL Eau De Parfum smells a Million times better

Smoky Fragrance

After reviewing some of these fragrances, I realize that one of two things are taking place, either I'm way too critical or some of these fragrances or completely over hyped. This being one of those that I feel was overhyped. Thankfully, I only buy 2ml samples, as opposed to a full on blind buy (which is financial suicide) because you either have to live with your purchase or give or away. Thankfully this sample got the 3rd alternative, I sprayed it on my wrist, waited about 45mins then tossed the sample bottle and moved on with my life.
Baby cat doesn't seem to have any real rhyme or reason to it, the fragrance doesn't seem to lean anywhere favorable, I can see someone spraying this on, then being stuck on an elevator with people, the others standing there (with their noses crinkled) asking themselves, what is that!?

Triumph of Bacchus
Jesus Moran
Seriously went in with high hopes

The only thing that is really good about this fragrance is the decorative bottle. I promise, if you buy this it will stay in your collection completely full the entire time you own it, and the only purpose it will serve is shelf decor. I seriously went in with such high hopes
I always try new fragrances on skin and take a whiff ever few minutes to see if it materializes into anything favorable

Soul Batik
Jesus Moran
Good, Just not my Style

This fragrance seems way to similar to Amouage, very smoky and full of incense. In the mid, it has somewhat of a fruity note but dies down. I'm pretty sure someone with tons of confidence can pull this off. No question high quality, but just not for me

Blue Agave
Jesus Moran
Definitely worth the Money & Hype

This was one of those cases where it was love at first sniff, this has some similarities to Aqua Di Gio which is why I seriously like it so much, that crisp aquatic sent is what I tend to favor.


Smells similar to Givenchy Gentleman intensely, but now as powdery. Really good all around scent.

Roja Elysium

Great smelling fragrance. Authentic. Would buy again!

Light Blue Forever
Vincent Chamberlain
Wow. Great scent

I live in California and it’s great in the heat. Lasts forever.

Italian Classic !

Very clean, classic smell!

Great for summer!

Great compliment getting cologne!
All time fresh sporty cologne gets the compliments from ladies.

Great cologne for all occasions!

Not a lady killer. But from casual to business, it’s all around great cologne.