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It's a wonderful "blue" scent very similar to other brands. It doesn't smell anything like the original Explorer.

Creamy, Lemony, Easy to Wear Daytime Fragrance for Warm/Hot Weather

opens with a fresh bright lemon and vanilla; in the mid the vanilla and tonka makes it powdery; it lasts a good 7+ hours

Primarily Orange with Earthy Undertones, Not Enough Sillage

opens up with a lively burst of zingy orange and grapefruit; it's an orange + earthy scent that has complexity to it and smells totally natural; close to the skin even just after the spray, and gone after 6-8 hours

Greenwich Village
Sade Bethea
Lovely scent

I love the way this smells but it doesn’t last very long

Luna Rossa Ocean
Lazaro Broitman
beautiful decant and a very nice scent

I really loved the decant bottle and the spray, they are top quality. On regards to the scent it is a very nice versatile fresh scent from Prada, but being honest, not the best from the Brand. The smell is elegant but its longevity and sillage aren't as huge as Prada Luna Rosa Black. This should be in my case a casual wear scent for a hot weather


Love the rich, dark, smokiness of this scent! Only wish it was not a limited edition. Very nice!


New favorite, it didn't disappoint. Reminds me of No. 5, but more woodsy.

Bois des Iles
Soft Sandalwood

This is a lovely soft sandalwood scent. If you find sandalwood fragrances too in your face, then try this one because it is soft, light, and beautiful. A great office scent. I prefer this one in warm weather. It is not very strong or long lasting though.

Love It!

This is a beautiful lactonic lavender vanilla scent. I absolutely love it and the longevity is great!

Beautiful Iris

This is a beautiful iris scent done in typical Chanel fashion. If you like Creed Love in Black, you will love this scent! Great longevity and such a gorgeous feminine scent that works all year round.

Le Lion

This is the most beautiful scent ever! This is a darker version of Shalimar, beautiful incense lemon vanilla scent! This beautiful fragrance is what dreams are made of! So glad I could try this from Perfuum before buying a full bottle. Great packaging from Perfuum as well!

Soft Leather

This is a really beautiful soft leather scent. Not heavy and masculine as most leather scents can be. It also has an aspect of a forest to it, which makes it really nice. Great winter scent.

Beautiful Scent

This is such a beautiful clean soapy scent. I really enjoy it, office friendly as it is not offensive and super strong, just strong enough for me to enjoy. It also lasts a long time. Perfuum's packaging is very nice as well.

Perfect scent

This is the most beautiful soft white chocolate scent with the beautiful Chanel DNA. An absolute must try from the exclusive line!

Pleasant earthy smell.

I like the smell, But be warned!!! Only one spray, this is powerful!

Balade Sauvage

Very nice scent: One I would consider as a future, larger purchase than the sample I ordered.
Similar to Dior Sauvage to me, but more mellow and constant. You can not go wrong with this one.

Rose Atlantic
Brenda M
Rose Atlantic

I LOVE this Fragrance!!! The scent is so inviting and exactly what I was looking for in a new perfume. I will most Definitely be purchasing again..

S. S.
Chanel Coromandel

Love the product. Strong, good scent…authentic. Very happy with product and price. Only problem was U.S. Post Office. Now that it’s ruined, I received package later than promised…but what’s a guy to do? Happy with company…this was my first purchase.

1 Million
Very musky

Has deep notes in it. Starts out citrusy and ends up musky.

Luna Rossa Ocean
Great smell

I was hopeful that it would be in a nicer bottle, but I can't complain because the smell was great and it lasted.

Green Irish Tweed
Jacuan Middleton
Green Irish Tweed

Great fragrance for outdoor spring time.

Ambre Nuit
Eric Boyd
A classic

One of the first fragrances I got a sample of and it remains a favorite. Subtle, salty, a little sweet-- Ambre Nuit is inspiring in its simplicity. This is all about blending and balance and it works perfectly.


Elixir is masculine, but with floral accents, it’s complicated and fresh smelling. I have not smelled the previous versions of Sauvage so I can’t compare it to them.
The sample has been long lasting (easily 8 hours) with minimal sprays.
My wife loves the Elixir and can’t stop sniffing me!

Jazz Club
Emmanuel Okwuone
Classic Fragrance

True to name, Jazz Club is a very delightful fragrance with gorgeous spicy and vanilla notes

Indonesian Oud

When I first tried this, I wasn’t a fan. It was a very hot day so perhaps that was the issue.

There was something about it that pulled me back to give it another chance. Thank goodness I did! I tried it on a cool day and it is amazing! On me it easily lasts 8+ hours. I recently went to a fragrance store wearing it and sampled a bunch of different fragrances. I was worried that I would now reek of a smorgasbord of colognes and not Indonesian Oud. Luckily, after I left the store I smelled like Indonesian Oud strongly and my wife didn’t even smell the other colognes, just Indonesian Oud.

I get a good dose of Oud which gets nicely balanced by the rose scent. Not a dirty/funky Oud, it’s a nice clean resinous Oud.

This is a wonderful scent. If I could give it six stars I would.