Why should I buy a decant?

There are several reasons to buy a decant...

  1. You can spend a little on a decant to make sure you really like it before buying a full size bottle.
  2. There are fragrances that cost hundreds of dollars or more!  You will never pay that much for a decant!
  3. You can have a much larger collection!

We can't tell you what will specifically work for you, so the best way to see what works is to try them on!

How much is shipping?

Shipping starts at $4.25 for US orders.  You can get free standard shipping on orders over $75 by using code: freeship.

Where do you ship from?

Our orders ship from NY.

Can I make a return?

We guarantee that the decant you're receiving is from a genuine bottle from the manufacturer, but we can't guarantee that you'll love your fragrance.  Since we hand-decant each order we cannot accept returns.  We'll only accept returns if we make an error, or if there is damage during shipping.

How do I pay?

We accept all credit card payments, and you can also pay through PayPal.

Are these fragrances authentic?

All of our decants are hand poured directly from the original manufacturer's bottle.  Every decant is unaltered in any way.  We NEVER sell fakes, copies, dupes or diluted products.

What is the perfUUm clUb?

When you sign up for our loyalty program you receive exclusive benefits available only to members!  We offer exclusive discounts and gifts to our members!  Sign up today to become a perfUUm clUb member!

What are your bottles like?

 We have five different sizes, pictures available on our homepage.  We always use all glass bottles for the best results.

Are you affiliated with any fragrance companies?

We are not affiliated with any company unless stated otherwise.  We buy our fragrances from distributors, or straight from the manufacturer.

Information on FREE SHIPPING coupon codes...

We issue FREE SHIPPING coupon codes for several reasons, they are for STANDARD shipping only.  If you choose an upgraded service your order will still ship via a Standard (usually USPS First Class) service.