Indonesian Oud

$15.25 USD

Eau de Parfum

Ermenegildo Zegna Indonesian Oud Cologne Decant Sample

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Notes: oud, Calabrian bergamot, patchouli, amber, rose

Noses Smell This Most: oud, rose

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews

When I first tried this, I wasn’t a fan. It was a very hot day so perhaps that was the issue.

There was something about it that pulled me back to give it another chance. Thank goodness I did! I tried it on a cool day and it is amazing! On me it easily lasts 8+ hours. I recently went to a fragrance store wearing it and sampled a bunch of different fragrances. I was worried that I would now reek of a smorgasbord of colognes and not Indonesian Oud. Luckily, after I left the store I smelled like Indonesian Oud strongly and my wife didn’t even smell the other colognes, just Indonesian Oud.

I get a good dose of Oud which gets nicely balanced by the rose scent. Not a dirty/funky Oud, it’s a nice clean resinous Oud.

This is a wonderful scent. If I could give it six stars I would.

Kelly B.
An Acquired Scent!

Today in TikTok made me buy it: Ermenegildo Zegna Essenze Indonesian Oud. Apparently Sebastian Stan wears this based on images floating around of him at a party holding it in 2014 which have made everyone (including myself) curious if a.) what it smells like and b.) if he even still wears it. I decided to tackle the first question by purchasing a decant and hope the 2nd question is answered at some point soon. Inquiring minds, people! Most reviews I've seen are all pretty positive, but it's just kind of "meh" to me. The thing that jumps out most is roses. We're talking little old lady, grandma's potpourri dish, dried up, smelly roses. I don't get Oud or Bergamot notes at all. Only after a few hours when it fades does it start to smell like something akin to what sexy super soldier would (and should) wear. I've given it a fair shot to impress me and have been wearing it out (fully vaxed and masked!) to see if it has any lasting power and sadly, it does not. It lingers on clothes and bedding better than skin. I'm glad perfUUm offers decants, I'd be really upset if I spent full price on this only to have it assult my olfactory senses with roses and then not last long enough to even enjoy.